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Tyara Care - Baby Cream

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This soothing moisturizing cream consist of natural ingredients and rich emollient helps to moisturize skin for 24 hours and soothe dry skin even dry sensitive skin. This unique cream is non-greasy, and quickly absorb into skin.


  • Consist 9 functional and natural ingredient to protect your precious baby from skin problem
  • Anti-Bacteria: Help to suppresses the growth of bacteria on baby's skin and prevents skin problems
  • Prevention of Diaper Rash: Help to suppress enzyme activities that cause diaper rash and reduce irritation at baby's bottoms
  • Anti-Inflammation: Protect baby's skin as it is prone to irritation
  • Moisturizing: Help to mimics human skin oil thus improving the skin's barrier function Lemon essential oil dose into this formulation help to boost baby's mood.


Tyara Care - Baby Cream

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