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Star of the Month: Joanne & Hairolmiza

Star of the Month: Joanne & Hairolmiza
We are reaching the end of our FIRST MONTH since launching Shop Argania and two of our STAR team members have ranked up to BRONZE! A quick catch up with Joanne & Hairolmiza with our monthly segment of Shop Argania Star of the Month! 
5 Questions with our Star of the Month: Joanne

1. How did you know about Shop Argania?
- Team ArganiaHQ notified me about this new programme and I have decided to give it a try.

2. What made you want to start this journey with us?
- Nak try this new system to generate side income. Also by the end of the month, I get to enjoy extra commission.

3. What is your favourite product from Shop Argania?
- Definitely CC Cushion Argania x Intan Kaharuddin. I used to buy this one international brand, tapi lama2 dia mengeringkan kulit i. Semenjak pakai cc cushion Argania, kulit i tak kering and harga pun berpatutan berbanding pasaran.

4. What is your favourite Selfcare Treat to yourself?
- Dash Star Sunscreen, because it gives SPF50. Susah nk cari sunscreen yg sesuai dgn skin kita with high SPF. I’m glad that Argania Sunscreen contains high SPF and no whitecast.

5. How do you feel being the first few who ranked up within a month?
- Happy of course! It’s not easy but it’s not that difficult too. With my hardwork, extra effort and consistency, I’m glad that I managed to rank up within a month time.
5 Questions with our Star of the Month: Hairolmiza

Another big congratulations to our STAR leaders Joanne & Hairolmiza!

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