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Argania started off as a small humble Malaysian company by Ana Taleb, an enthusiastic entrepreneur determined to change the quality of Malaysian products working together with a family who is a connoisseur of manufacturing personal care products in Malaysia since 1977. 

Argania is a labour of love and a way of pursuing her family's legacy mixing it with the things she loves which includes, skincare, cosmetics & fashion!

Starting off with her love of Argan Oil in the first skincare range, Ana has always suffered sensitive skin problems which included Eczema which is common in many Malaysians. In search of the best skincare & a healthy alternative for her skin, she created Argania Wonder Oil that has not only helped her but her close friends & family.

This helped bringing awareness to the product by word of mouth and creating a community that's passionate and committed to Malaysian made Natural Products. Argania is also a brand that complies with KKM & Halal Jakim standards to guarantee the products excellency.



Shop Argania was carefully curated and thought out in early March 2020 during the peak of Covid-19 and lockdown for many countries including Malaysia. 

This effort was brought up as the company wanted a way to help the local community due to the growing numbers of lost jobs caused by the  pandemic and the arising need of side income for many households.

In the current state of the economy Shop Argania is the perfect way for those struggling - to juggle in between their day to day job & house chores. With our Shop Argania community, you will not only earn extra income but earn free Malaysian made quality products made with Natural Ingredients and solutions to sensitive skin & personal care for you and your loved ones!

Being a member of Shop Argania will not only be about the products but as well as mentoring & empowering people to achieve their professional and personal goals. A community targeted for everyone as Argania sells a range of products from Skincare, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Fashion, as well as Baby Products!

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