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3 Ways to use our Bestselling Lip Fuels!

3 Ways to use our Bestselling Lip Fuels!

When we curated our Lip Fuels, we want it to be a versatile products. A product that you can use as skincare AND makeup. And a product you can use to go on a glamorous night out or a chill night in. Here's 3 ways you can use our lip fuels that would fit all occasion...

1. Traditionally, on the lips!

Our Lip Fuels contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to help with various lip condition. Mainly, chapped, dark and dry lips! Use our Lip Fuels daily and notice the difference on the appearance of your lips! 

You can use it both and on its own as a lip treatment. And over lipsticks as a lip gloss!


2. On the cheeks as blusher

Since our Lip Fuels changes colours depending on your skin's pH, it will give you a natural blush colour when applied on your cheeks. Our lip fuels are lightweight, nonsticky and it absorbs immediately into the skin! So don't worry about having sticky cheeks!

Bonus tip: Apply our Waterproof Loose Powder to ensure colour lasts all day long!


3. Apply on nails and cuticles

Applying on the nails will help you achieve pink and healthy-looking nails! To help with dry cuticles, apply generously around the nail and cuticles!

Watch the video below for detailed demonstration!


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