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Wawa: Mercury Victim

Wawa: Mercury Victim

Hunting for the perfect skincare is very challenging. Instagram filters put immense pressure on people to look flawless and have photo-ready skin. Unfortunately, pressure to get clear skin is dangerous if you're not careful of the products you put on your skin. This is exactly what happened to our customer, Wawa.

Wawa has had acne-prone and problematic skin since she was in her teens. She has tried so many different products (from high-end to drugstore) but none has worked on her skin. 

One day, Wawa decided to try out a product that has raving reviews online on its ability to clear out acne instantly! All is well, until rashes started appearing all over her face and neck. Turns out, that product contains MERCURY!

Mercury is so dangerous to our body because it causes negative long-term effects on our organ. Mercury can:-

  • cause kidney failure
  • destroy our nervous system
  • cause severe rash and itchiness on the skin
  • halts brain development in children

Upon recommendation from her friend, Wawa tried Argania's Well Aging Moisturizer to help soothe the side effects of Mercury. It works wonders on her skin and the redness and itchiness started to fade. On top of that, Wawa also noticed other improvements on her skin!

  • Fading acne scars
  • Skin is healthier and glowing
  • No more rashes and itchiness

Moral of the story, you have to be EXTRA CAREFUL when applying any products to your skin. Make sure you know the ingredients and the product has obtained certification from KKM. 

If you have similar problems to Wawa, try out our Argania X Bella Park Well Aging Moisturizer! We also sell them in mini sizes for you to try it out first!

All The Best!

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