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Double Cleansing. Everything you need to know!

Double Cleansing. Everything you need to know!

There's the Korean 10-step skincare routine, and there's the Madeline Petsch 38-step beauty routine. But today, I want to teach you the most basic cleansing routine that can solve multiple problems at one go. The Double Cleansing Method. 

What is it?

Double Cleansing is a skincare routine where you use 2 cleansing products to remove makeup and cleanse your skin. The most popular cleansing routine is partnering an oil cleanser with a facial wash.

Why Oil Cleanser?

Oil cleanser is favoured over other cleansers because of its multiple added benefits.

1. It's GENTLER compared to using Micellar Water or makeup wipes. Makeups are usually oil based, so removing oil-based product with oil is the easiest way to emulsify and melt the makeup off your face. 

2. Can remove waterproof and stubborn makeup easily. 

3. After rinsing off the product, cleansing oil will leave behind added benefits of the oils. Wash Away Cleansing Oil contains Argan Oil which is a nourishing superfood for the skin that is rich in fatty acids, linolic acid and Vitamin E. It also contains Aloe Vera Oil to rejuvenate skin cells, heal dark spots and and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Soften skin and can clear off sebum on the skin. Wash Away Cleansing Oil has deep pore cleansing properties and minimise the appearance of whitehead and blackhead on your skin.

Why do you need to cleanse twice?

The second cleanser will help give your skin extra skincare actives, just like how our Twinkle Sparkle Facial Wash can help repair your skin barrier and help minimise acne formation. 

So if you haven't started double cleansing, take it from me, you definitely should start today! Check out our Double Cleansing Set

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