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5 Ways to Keep Makeup Empties out of Landfills

5 Ways to Keep Makeup Empties out of Landfills
90% of waste produced in Malaysia are disposed to landfills, putting a huge strain on the environment. One of the most effective ways to reduce packaging waste is to opt for biodegradable packaging. While this may seem easy enough, the beauty industry is fairly new to the movement towards going green. Not all products can be stored safely in biodegradable packaging, hence, we as consumers need to be conscious of what we’re buying given the limitations. Here are 5 small efforts you can do to help from overwhelming our landfills. 
1. Conduct product packaging research
Before you purchase a product, do some research on the company and the materials they use. Most plastics are non-biodegradable but are recyclable. Check with your local recycling centre which type of plastic they accept as recyclable. 
2. Buy products that are refillable
If your product packaging is made of plastic, you can consider trying to find refillable products. This is becoming more common in the beauty industry as brands realize the need to move towards going green. This method will help keep non-biodegradable products such as lipstick holders and compact powder cases out of landfills. 
3. Avoid purchasing similar products
I get it! We see a new range of lipstick coming out, we want to get them all! As a makeup brand, we get that 2 shades of nudes are still 2 different colours! Even though one is just a degree pinker than the other. But more likely than not, these products won’t get used before the expiry date if you get them both. And sadly, these will go to landfills. 
4. Be creative in using your products. 
A lipstick is not just a lipstick but can also be used as an eyeshadow or a cheek tint. This is a great way to practice conscious consumerism whilst saving a ton of money! That money you saved from getting the same colour of lipstick and blusher can be used to buy yummy food!
5. Repurpose old packaging
You know how our mum would reuse ice cream containers to store frozen food? And biscuit containers to keep sewing kits? The same should be applied to makeup packaging! Those empty jars of moisturiser are now a jewellery holders. That empty compact powder case is now a bobby pin container. Be creative with how you reuse your empties!
All in all, there are always ways to keep waste from piling up our landfills even when it is nonbiodegradable. So the next time you’re about to buy something new or chuck something in the bin, maybe think to yourself “Would there be a way to reuse this?”

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