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Handbag Must-Haves for Dining Out

Handbag Must-Haves for Dining Out

The wait is finally over! Dining out has been given the green light by our government for those who have passed 14 days after their second dose! It has been forever since we get to makan roti canai panas-panas and crispy! But don't get too excited, make sure you have all the essentials you need before stepping out to dine. Apart from the usual hand sanitisers and mask, here are some other essentials you may need when dining out!


1. Your own reusable straw

A lot of restaurants now aren't offering reusable straws with your drink for hygiene purposes. If you're like me and can't stand the thought of drinking straight from the cup, it's useful to bring your own straw from home! 


2. Mask Holder

If you don't use a mask chain, you must bring with you a mask holder to safely keep your mask when you're eating. Firstly, it reduces the chance of you misplacing your mask. And secondly, it's a more hygienic way to keep your mask and reduces the risk of any transmission of virus from the table to your mask. 


3. Wet Tissue / Dettol Wipes

Whilst all restaurants are taking extra precautions and sanitising the tables and chairs after every use, it's a good habit to also sanitise it yourself! Dettol wipes have anti bacterial properties and are compact enough to fit into even a small handbag! Plus, this is also useful for you in case you need to use the washroom when you're out and about.


4. Pen

Some restaurants requires you to fill in your order on a piece of paper. Start the habit of using your own pen to reduce the chance of virus transmission! 

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