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Period Cravings and How to Control it

Period Cravings and How to Control it

If you're like me, you too get cravings for all the sweet treats and junk food when you're on your period. Junk food and sweet treats are food that can trigger an inflammatory response from our body. Acne flares and can happen when you feed your body unhealthy food and deprive it of nutritious food. 

And indulging in them is actually not too bad if you take it in moderation! Here's how to control your cravings while still satisfying it!

1.Opt for healthier treats

Nowadays, a lot of restaurants and cafes are offering healthier alternatives to the otherwise unhealthy, high salt and high sugar snacks. Restaurant like Staple Eats and La Juiceria Superfoods offer healthy alternatives to treats like pies, char kuey teow and even our Malaysian favourite, Nasi Lemak! It's a treat for our tastebud, minus the calories!

2. Pair Treats with Healthier Sides

Okay maybe nothing can get in between you and that piece of Nutella Brownies. That's ok! We all have our moments. But what you can do is make it more nutritious than it actually is! Adding healthy snacks such as strawberries, kiwis and even healthy nuts are great ways to make your treat more nutritious. Fruits contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to your body. It's nature's candy!

3. Focus on your Food

If that also just doesn't cut it, a great way to satisfy your cravings without overindulging is to control the volume you're eating. One way to curb overeating is to focus on your food when you're eating. This means no eating in front of the TV, because you'll get distracted and will just keep on eating more! Enjoy your food, chew slowly and listen to your body! 

As women, we all go through periods but it doesn't have to be dreaded monthly!

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