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Vitamin C vs Prebiotics in Skincare

Vitamin C vs Prebiotics in Skincare

Nowadays, finding a skincare product for your specific skin concern can be daunting. With all the latest research happening, and all the new ingredients popping up, hunting for the right skincare product can be overwhelming. Here are 3 skincare ingredients to target 3 skin concerns.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C isn’t something the body produces naturally, but it play a vital role in tissue repair. It promotes collagen production, which has the potential to thicken the dermis, diminish fine lines, and is essential for firm, youthful skin. It is also an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance. 

Suitable for: hyperpigmentation, reducing acne scars and brightening skintones

Product to try: Diamond Pop Brightening Cream



Their gut-health benefits, when consumed orally, are well-established through research, and now emerging studies are shedding fascinating light on how topical prebiotics can help when applied to the skin. If the bad bacteria on our skin outnumber  ‘good’ bacteria on the skin surface, this can result in acne and inflammation of the skin. Prebiotics can help keep the surface of the skin balanced, younger-looking, and strong. It can also help ward off signs of ageing skin and restore a healthy skin microbiome balance.

Suitable for: acne-prone skin or to fight redness

Product to try: Twinkle Sparkle Prebiotic Moisturizer



Niacinamide is used widely in antiageing products because it promotes skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. On top of that, niacinamide helps strengthen skin barrier and delivers deep hydration. It also helps minimise the appearance of pores and prevents from oil build-up.

Suitable for: Dry and ageing skin

Product to try: Argania X Bella Park Well-ageing Moisturizer

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