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How to do a Patch Test (and why it is important!)

How to do a Patch Test (and why it is important!)

If you’re like me and you get really excited when new products come out, you need to read this!

Why do we need to do a patch test?

Any time you step outside of the simplest skincare regimen—whether you’re in pursuit of a good anti-aging approach, a potent exfoliant or brightening ingredient—you run a small risk of irritation. Everyone's skin is different, and the more intense and active your products’ ingredients become, the more proactive you need to be in order to prevent bad reactions on your skin.

There’s one simple way to gauge whether or not your skin will have an adverse reaction to any product: do a patch test. It’s done by applying the product to a less noticeable, small patch of skin, to see what it does with your specific skin’s chemistry. It's simple, but you have to be patient, because you likely won’t get an instant result.

How to do a Patch Test:

  1. Locate an area you’ll be testing on. It is recommended to test on less obvious areas such as side of neck, back of the ear or the inside of your arms.
  2. Cleanse the small area you’ll be testing on.
  3. Apply a small amount to the area and see if there is any immediate effects such as irritation, redness, peeling and itchiness.
  4. If there’s no immediate effect, apply to same area everyday for 4 days.
  5. If there’s no bad effects after that, you’re all set to use the product as intended!

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