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Beauty Sleep is not a MYTH!

Beauty Sleep is not a MYTH!

We often hear people talking about needing a beauty sleep when they have a big day tomorrow. But is it just a tall tale designed to get away from something (or someone) OR is there actually some truths behind it? Turns out, dermatologist has vouched that there is a definite science behind it! It's not just a MYTH. Here's why you need your beauty sleep and how you can achieve it!


  • Speeds Up Skin-Healing Processes

Our stress hormone(cortisol) decreases when we sleep and our sleep hormone(melatonin) decreases. At this point, your body are at it's optimum healing mode. Any damages that may occur during the day, such as UV damage or pollution, are repaired at night. If you're not getting a good quality snooze, your body cannot do it's job and repair!

  • De-puffs Eyes

When we don't get enough sleep, our stress hormones increases. In turn, this would signal to our body to retain water. As a result, our eyes would look puffier and more tired. 

  • Better Mood in the AM

Don't you just hate it when you tried to cover last night's tiredness with make up but to no avail? Truth is, our physical appearance isn't the only factor that contributes to how we look. Our mood is a big factor in that too! Not enough sleep leads to tiredness and leads to you giving off a dull vibe to the people around you!


Now that you know that NEED your beauty sleep, here's 5 ways for you to get a good quality sleep.

  1.  No screens 1 hour before bedtime. Opt for reading a book instead! Blue light diminishes signals your brain  to stay awake.
  2. Have a set sleep schedule. Try sleeping and waking up at the same times everyday. And YES! Even on the weekends. It's much easier to regulate your body clock when you have a set sleep time.
  3. No coffee before bed. I know, I know. Some of us do have the habit of drinking coffee in the evenings. But caffeines wakes us up and should only be consumed at the start of your day. Try decaf instead!
  4. Only healthy snacks before bed. While some of us don't take suppers, for some it's harder to sleep when you're feeling hungry. If that's the case for you, opt for healthier snack thats low in sugar and salt . Sugar wakes us up and salt doesn't make us feel good. 
  5. Prepare a list of what you need to do the next day. Anxiousness can really distrupt one's sleep. One way to curb it is proper management of your day. Have a list of things that you need to attent to tomorrow so worrying about it won't keep you up at night. 


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