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Dark Lips: The WHY and The HOW

Dark Lips: The WHY and The HOW

Variations in skin colour is natural and is just a part of being human. Just like our skin, our lip colour also varies between people. Lip colour depends on our skin's melanin production. The more melanin our body produces, the darker our lips can get and vice versa. However other factors also play a role in our lip pigmentation. Here's 2 possible reasons why we might have hyperpigmentation on our lips.

1. Sun Exposure

Exposing skin to the sun triggers the body to create melanin to absorb the UV rays. This protects the skin from sun damage. However, insufficient melanin production may cause long term sun damage. It is equally important to wear sunscreen on the body and face as well as the lips. 

How to solve: Some lip balms comes with SPF and can help fight this. However, if your lips don't react well to lip balms, you could also lather your facial sunscreen over your lips for sun protection.

2. Dead Skin Cells

Every second, our skin cells dies and regenerates at the same time. However, sometimes dead skin cells can accumulate on our lips and cause it to appear dull and dark.

How to solve: It is important to use gentle lip scrubs weekly to help get rid of dead skin cells and return our lips to its natural colour. For added benefits, look for lip scrubs that it infused with beneficial ingredients such as honey, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E , avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.

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