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Healthy Online Social Life, Healthy You!

Healthy Online Social Life, Healthy You!

This pandemic has shifted our social life online. It's unsafe physically to socialise with people but its unsafe mentally to detach completely from other people. Nowadays, an online social life is as important as your physical social life. But with the existence of photo retouching apps and instant updates from Instagram stories and Twitter, it can get a bit overwhelming. Here's how to maintain a healthy social life.

1. Remember that people only share what they want to share.

Maybe looking at your friend's new update on her job promotion is making you reflect on your own journey in life. Maybe it's making you a little upset that you too didn't receive a promotion. These kinds of thoughts are detrimental to your mental wellbeing. You have to understand that often times, people only share the good in their life and not the bad. Whenever, you're feeling this way, use the 80/20 method. Think of the 80% things that are good in your life, and only 20% of the bad in your life. You'll soon realise that, hey, maybe your life is pretty wonderful as well. 

2. Do not engage with hate comments

Unfortunately, social media can be brutal at times. People say mean things because there's no consequences to their actions. I mean how are we supposed take actions on a fake account with no trace of their real identity? If you ended up on the short end of the stick on you social media, just try your best to ignore those comments. Someone's opinion of you is not a true reflection on your worth. Only you can decide your worth and babes, trust me, you are WORTHY!

3. Know when to log off!

When your Instagram and Twitter is getting a bit too overwhelming for you, know that logging off from your socials for a few days won't hurt you! In fact, studies has shown that it's beneficial for you to take time off the internet for a bit! Take this time to really pause and enjoy other things that makes up our life! Perhaps you could start a new hobby such as baking or reading. Just anything to recharge your mind so you can return back to your online social life more energetic and positive as ever. 


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