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Lip Oils VS Lip Balms VS Lip Glosses

Lip Oils VS Lip Balms VS Lip Glosses

Can we all agree that ‘moisturizing’, ‘hydrating’ and ‘keeps lips luscious’ are all used to describe all lip balms, lip oils and lip scrubs? But that’s not a false advertisement, at least technically it’s not. They all possess these benefits but the only difference is the level of effectiveness of these products. Take a look at the difference below :-

  1. Lip Balms

Lip Balms are a wax-like substance that are applied topically to the lips to prevent moisture loss. It’s texture is often similar to lipsticks and often comes in a variety of scents. Some lip balms come with slight pigmentation so it can also be used both as a cosmetic and lip care product at one time. Lip Balms are often used under lipstick and often contain lanolin, shea butter and petroleum jelly that can be an allergen to some people and may worsen chapped lips. 

  1. Lip Oils

Lip Oils are thinner in texture and are non sticky compared to both lip balms and lip glosses. Lip oil ingredients almost exclusively contain just natural oils. It’s minimal and natural ingredient makes it less likely for the user to develop any allergic reaction. Lip Oils often are not pigmented and are mainly used just for lip care purposes. Continuous application of lip oils are able to heal existing lip concerns(such as dry lip) as well as create a protective barrier for the lips. Lip oils are more versatile because they can be used both over and under lipsticks. Opt for lip oils if your concern is mainly on lip care. 

  1. Lip Gloss

Lip Glosses are thinner than lip balms but thicker than lip oils and are usually stickier. It’s mainly used as a lipstick topper to enhance the appearance of the lips. Lip glosses are mainly used for cosmetic purposes and rarely comes with added long term benefits.

tl,dr: in order of effectiveness lip oils > lip balms > lip glosses

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